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I 1v1’d A TRASH TALKER | Shell Shockers

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  1. "you will never meet a hater better than you" -David Goggins

  2. Blud trash talked on purpose to be put on a video my g

  3. hey traffic im plasmo or fatal and i 1v1ed a trash talker and beat 10-3 i think.

  4. This proves that there a so many aimbotters in shell
    People start making excuses that they are 1v1ing aimbotters have had the same problem so many times.
    Anyways good video

  5. It can be either a weeb or a twitter kid

  6. i hate trash talker nice beat to him good

  7. damn… u have pretty decent aim, insane fps, and good vid quality. keep this up, and ur the next big cc

  8. What sens i play with and what mouse speed and DPI?

  9. also make motage if u want some help go check out my channel

  10. Yoo it's Apolo bruh I never knew u r a yt damn insane Fps and Aim

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