*HYPER STACKED* Inventory tour + Giveaway Winner| Shell Shockers - leegamestore.com

*HYPER STACKED* Inventory tour + Giveaway Winner| Shell Shockers

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Welcome to the inventory tour. I have been able to record a stacked tour because of so many amazing codes I received!!!
Thanks for Assasin_yt for VIP on my account:
Hope you enjoy it. Make sure to like and subscribe and comment if you were jealous!!!!
Thanks to Rubixed for the thumbnail:

Make sure to dm me within 48 hours or I will reroll the giveaway winner


  1. yahboyyah do you know how to play slashy camp to get this hat which level or cambos? how ? can you pls tell I'm subed

  2. i got all of them 2 but i have 42 millon eggs

  3. Dang lucky lucky man I wish I had those things😄

  4. Yahboyyah: Teacher, Teacher! Look at my stacked egg game account!!
    (What Yahboyyah thinks will happen)
    Teacher: Amazing here's a grade A*!
    (What actually happens)
    Teacher: Do I care?

  5. Which app u use to edit videos and how old are u

  6. “CC” congrats on being a content creator in BWD

  7. You've worked hard bro. You totally earned it! "CC

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