Huntra's Best Flicks | Epic Shell Shockers Montage -

Huntra’s Best Flicks | Epic Shell Shockers Montage

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Its been over a year since the last montage so its about time, this time I have changed my style in that this is a much more traditional montage. All clips were by me, I was using different names throughout the montage.
Song: Jacob Lizzote – Devastator
The like goal is 25 likes, most montages get quite a lot of views so I hope this does well.
#shellshockers #shellshockersmontage


  1. dam itz hard to imagine that u made all these clips by using free ranger, but it will be better with no effects

  2. The thing I ike about ur montage's is that it's not fancy edited like other boring CC's. And u use free ranger which is a harder weapon.

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