HOW TO Throw BIG BRAIN Grenades in Shell Shockers! -

HOW TO Throw BIG BRAIN Grenades in Shell Shockers!

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  1. Kilzo is the biggest of brains! You should listen to him!

  2. Why I having a glitch that I like the video and it cancel it :))

  3. Ok if I touch on this in a vid of mine. I’ve got some other tips too. I’ll give u a shoutout for basically part 1

  4. I throw nades in the air straight or at a little angle in a close range fight when guys are in my faces. I win most of them. Or if I die, my nades act as counter attack.

  5. Tip 4 was kinda wrong. As u never threw it and many other reasons.

  6. Btw I’m not 9, can u plz unban me from ur discord. Btw I’m // / // _/ /- but plz unban me. I’m telling the truth, I’m not 9.

  7. Prob u got the idea when gray told u u had good nades, lol

  8. it says you need to be a conten creator still in that server

  9. kilzo today hazmatt killed you and he was recording a killstreak XD

  10. i couldn't send friend request to you kilzo plss accept it if you get it from PARTHIP#1452

  11. But how do you throw grenades in the air tho?????????????? My grenades just go straight in front of me. I can't angle them upward.

  12. I have a question (being a n00b for a week). I've seen someone that had special effects from their grenades. Some bubbling green smoke that made it difficult to see around it. What grenades have special effects?

  13. if you are out of ammo, and a noob is chasing you, as you are approaching a corner, throw a nade so that you can just make it around the corner when it blows up, then immediately after you throw the second one, if they haven’t died, they will be aimlessly chasing you again, throw another in your path (no charge), and keep pressing W. you will take so e 15-10 damage but they wont expect another grenade and will walk right into it. this worls 100% of the time with noobs, and with pros like 75% of the time, especially if you are low.

  14. So the Buck Rogers Nade of the Thumbnail exists?

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