How to Play Shell Shockers: Useful Tips
How to Play Shell Shockers Useful Tips

How to Play Shell Shockers: Useful Tips

Shell Shockers is a cool online game, which you don’t need to download. But sometimes it may seem incredibly hard, especially for newcomers. How to play Shell Shockers? Are there any strategies to follow for a confident victory? Surely.

Basic Stuff

Basic Stuff

As a rule, the initial layout of control buttons is convenient for most players. Traditionally, WASD is responsible for movement, while the mouse is for looking around and shooting. Pressing Shift allows you to aim with higher accuracy. Space is for jumping, Q for throwing grenades, E – swapping weapons. However, advanced users introduce some changes to make it more efficient. First of all, grenades feel comfortable on F. Secondly, it’s really worth switching the aim from Shift to the RMB (mouse). The controls are easy to adjust in a special menu of the free adventure.

How to Play Shell Shockers: 7 Insights

How to Play Shell Shockers 7 Insights

Here’s a list of tips to follow to kill more enemies and stay alive longer. Mind them when in the heat of the fight, and you’ll achieve impressive results:

  • Keep moving, never freeze, especially in the open. Otherwise, you’ll become a sitting duck for your enemies – a soft target. And they won’t hesitate to take you down.
  • At the same time, the accuracy of shooting is much better when you stay still. Ready to risk for a nice shot?
  • Don’t rush into the killing. Mind your surroundings. As well as watch out for other opponents to jump from the corners. Any minute! Remember that surviving always goes first. And only then – hunting down your enemies.
  • Pick a weapon and use it for a while to get used to it. Learn its advantages and disadvantages. Some are perfect for long-distance shots. While others are designed for closer combat.
  • Never underestimate a grenade. It’s your savior with numerous hostiles around you. Or when the opponent doesn’t even see it coming.
  • Your gun has a limited number of bullets. Of course, you can pick up ammo. But with nothing around you, switch to a pistol, your secondary weapon. Better that than being empty-handed. Besides, it’s also effective once you’ll know it better.
  • Don’t walk or run. Jump. And make it way harder for foes to hit you.

Practice to Succeed

Practice to Succeed

But the primary advice on how to play Shell Shockers is to play more. This is the only way to get experience in this browser-based adventure. And you can also play as cat Lucky right in your browser on and become a champion!

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