How To Make The BEST Shell Shockers Renders FOR FREE (Beginner Tutorial) + Nuke Zone Pistol GIVEAWAY -

How To Make The BEST Shell Shockers Renders FOR FREE (Beginner Tutorial) + Nuke Zone Pistol GIVEAWAY

Yaboi Jenkins
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Blender Download:

Shell Shockers 3D Models (All Weapons & 80+ Hats):


Shell Shockers VFX/GFX Folder:

PREMIUM Renders:

Twitch Where I Stream (Shell Shockers, Art, and more):

Discord server:
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BB8HU’s video:

0:00 Intro
0:27 What is a render?
0:54 What you need
1:08 Creating a new file
1:15 Obliterating the default cube
1:22 Importing Egg, Gun, and Hands
2:30 Camera tip
2:47 Texturing models
4:29 Adding Hat & Texturing
5:05 Coloring egg
5:58 Lighting your scene
7:15 Making the render transparent
7:37 Extra tips to make your renders look amazing
11:46 Outro + Giveaway


  1. Thanks for the awesome tutorial Jenkins! You explained it really well and I appreciate it. 🙂 Infinite Smasher#4281

  2. Amazing the tutorial, I hope with that edit as well as you :0 Drift#5736

  3. Finally a nuke zone pistol giveaway :))))))!!!! ØVⱠ ⇔ ⱧØⱤ₦Ɇ₮#6483

  4. This helped so much I watch all of your tutorials and because of them, I have gotten so much better 😀 – 9_xm#2207

  5. Awesome video! Thanks a lot man! Albino_YT#5225 (even tho i already have the pistol)

  6. Thank you for da useful video 🙂 . Here's my discord for the giveaway: Brix#2310

  7. Nice eggsplanation thx bro. Ima experiment with what you said. Cool. Discord is
    Gl to all

  8. always nice to see blender tutorials… will definitely come back to this for reference 😀 Sundae#6890

  9. Animation like in ur montages please and also blender cinematics

  10. ok so I made the render what photo editing software should I use? Btw thanks for the tutorial

  11. thx man but still how do u put ur Randers eggs on the video in the arena just like ur montage pls answer ty

  12. and how do u put these 4D eggs in the shellshockers background in the montage?

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