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*HOW TO* Improve YOUR Movement in Shell Shockers

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  1. How do u get better fps on a laptop my ping is fine but my fps is at 1 – 21 can you create. A video on how to boost the fps on a laptop

  2. Yessir now u got 11.5k yessir keep grinding boi

  3. I had a stroke when I was young which makes my right hand useless for Egg Gaming.
    Movement is the one thing holding me back from being a good player. :<

    I love your videos!

    Also have a laugh at my keybinds:

    (I use the mouse with my left hand)

    Forwards – Middle click
    Jump – Mouse side button 1
    Backwards – Down arrow key
    Left – Left arrow key
    Right – Right arrow key
    Fire – Left click
    Aim – Right click
    Reload – Scroll wheel down
    Swap weapon – Numpad 1
    Grenade – Numpad 0

  4. The vid u have been waiting for….. I love all the vid which ur voice ur talking abt

  5. Thank you haz for your tips it was really usefull

  6. I like it when u post often lol and thx for the tips immma play some shell shockers now lol

  7. I really like how you shared some tips with people

  8. Do you know any good rec sites or apps for a chromebook? Also nice vid i will keep those tips inmind

  9. Hazmatt next video you record is adopt me a roblox game pls

  10. If you don't record adopt me I maybe unsubcribe sorry though if I do but record adopt me

  11. I sub to you 2 timer can you record adopt me then

  12. Awesome videos you’re making lately! Wish i could subscribe again lmao!

  13. Thanks for the guide Hazmatt 😀 Always helpful to hear some pro tips

  14. your like dream in minecraft but your dream in shell

  15. are you trying to do three like upload in youtube and in twitch and try reply to every single coment if i was you i am lazy so i do not even a singlr thing haha

  16. Please write a comment on one of my videos💓💓

  17. what do hazmatt 180695 $ LOL :))) 134456 $

  18. i wish i had every thing in shell but i will never and there no way and i have 10000 golden eggs and tha
    T SUCKs so how can i achieve that
    there just no way no yone has the heart to give me that many eggs so

  19. I found that this video is so helpful. Also, we need more of the chillaxing videos, anyways nice video

  20. I am Latino and my English is not that good, so I don't understand much of what you say

  21. This was a good video as even tho I’ve played for a while (3ish years maybe) your advise is always handy

  22. I was playing with hazmatt and i smashed him plg hacker ut i dont hack

  23. cool vid man keep it up! Advise was helpful, i got a 36 killstreak after i watched it

  24. i don't know if you'll remember but i asked for your youtube channel but i had to kill you on shell shockers and when i did you gave me the name.
    Now i just watch all your videos for practise
    i never knew you were so good i am subscribed by the way

  25. Hey bro you should do "A day in life with Hazmatt" Because i wanna see what pros do before they play shell shockers, Or what they do for living other than playing shell shockers. Hope you do it one day!

  26. Great vid you are soo helpful i play shell shockers (ur a god

  27. Nice Hazmatt thanks i can try it and which region are you playing in is it USA central i never see you or never play with you i play in Germany

  28. Well I think it helped cuz I just went and got a 49 kill streak in an ffa lobby with a shotgun
    Thanks a lot and btw what’s ur discord?

  29. The only reason you can do most of what you do (not taking damage, doing damage) is because of your fps

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