How to hit Trickshots More Consistently | Shell Shockers -

How to hit Trickshots More Consistently | Shell Shockers

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Sensitivity: 800 DPI 25 Shell Shockers 0.33 Valorant

Editor: Adobe After Effects


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  1. Great vid. Im sure it will help a lot of ppl 🙂

  2. gReAt viDEo rubiXEEd, time to hit midair 360s 😉

  3. didn't learn anything, already knew 🙂
    reallly apreciate this video tho

  4. I didn’t even notice that the crosshairs came in for a second when you jumped this will help me a lot thanks

  5. I actually found out about this a year ish ago and yeah if you're lucky enough you can hit some crazy shots with it.

  6. how come i always have no more than 60 FPS? Did u uncap?

  7. Yea I've known this for a while 🤙🏾. Thanks though

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