How to get FREE Shell Shockers Items! -

How to get FREE Shell Shockers Items!

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Here are the Links!
1. Merc Zone Suit:

2. Basket Ball Nade:

3. Flames Stamp:

4. New Yolker Signup:

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Game Info:
Game: Shell Shockers (
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  1. omg ty so much, it actually works unlike any other vid –_

  2. Please tell me that the subscription is free

  3. thank you soooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. really help for a new skin thx bro your the best.

  5. Wow! Thanks a ton for putting it all into one video. It was fast quick and easy THANKS! ps: I knew all that😂❤

  6. bro- I understand your trying to get views, but theres a reason why no big CC's have been doing this, BWD doesn't want this to get out, its a system glitch, if I where you I would take the video down, but nice editing!

  7. Yoo I had another video for the stand and egg code but the poll for the monty won so haha. Love the editing on this one bro 🤙🏽

  8. Wow I thought the only way to get the nade now was to get a code,amazing content as always omega🎉

  9. nice 2k views!!!
    i saw someone using ur good thumbnail😢☹️

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