How to get FREE ITEM CODES In Shell Shockers! -

How to get FREE ITEM CODES In Shell Shockers!

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  1. יהלי אלמושנינו says:

    Whats the code for?

  2. Just use luck hacks to get it 🤣🤣😂

  3. ok now you will see me rolling with skull bandana 😉

  4. You should upload other content other than shell shockers


  6. is this actually work?

  7. No! New yolker doesn’t give codes! It gives us stamps and hats only!

  8. K4hhny can you say pls how to get them I sub to this new yolker and I don't get any code I swear I can't find any code on my gmail

  9. to unlock the giveaway channel you must be level 3 in the bwd server.

  10. I have a problem a code is not coming in the 1st of each month pls help

  11. Hey what if u can't find the giveaway channel in the discord

  12. I think i did it and i did not get it 😢😢😢 did i waste my time or i have to do it again?

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