How To Get Eggs Fast on Shell Shockers! -

How To Get Eggs Fast on Shell Shockers!

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  1. Thanks for this btw rn im farming 10k eggs per day this will hopefully help me out

  2. Yo Haz just a question if you have the snake 🔫 for the scrambler that is 100k is it worth it cause I have 103k and want to buy it but also want some leopard guns too plz reply

    🔥 🔥 vid

  3. This method won't work if sweats are in every server

  4. I love this video i just got the crown and I love it

  5. The video seemed like an asmr video
    Was kinda relaxing lol

  6. personally i go for shotgun and i farm fqickly

  7. well… it was hacking but now you have to actually play

  8. i use to get only more tan 2000 eggs but now i get more than 20000 beacause of this vid thx haz

  9. what does the egg on the left of a players username mean (in the players list and their kill streak)


  11. well now i guess i have to use shotty to get the snake sniper

  12. u've got to be kidding P90!!!!!!!?????? rlly i wont get any skill in 2021 cus of p90 then have to go back and start as a noob player

  13. Hi Hazmat Are You Really PRO. Please Make A One ☝ Video 🎥 about You Play Shell shockers. io Game In Iball laptop 💻 Please Make A one Video 🎥📹. Thank you ❤🌹😊

  14. I used to get about 200 eggs per day but now I get 2000-3000 per day

  15. from where r u getting those guns . i am also trying to be like u

  16. dude, how long have you played this?! you just see the egg, and the egg is dead. do you have your brain on, like, heroin the whole time?! i have to admit, though, it is effective if you can pull it off.

  17. okay okay, this man called Hazmatt is amazing… I may or may not have followed Hazmatt on twitch, and subbed on youtube LOL

  18. wait if i do free for all i just get 10 or 20 eggs

  19. But dude have you ever knew that noobs won’t even earn any eggs lol. Plus these days I noticed that a lot of hackers are in free for all and they always kill me so I can’t get much eggs just like 40 eggs.

  20. I love playing teams mode and I get 3000 eggs per hour because of this video, thx

  21. Dude idk but I was just bombed by a guy named hazmat like 20 minutes ago

  22. Hey If the player hasn't high-end pc when playing with low-end pc how about that???

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