How To Get BETTER FPS On Chromebook, Windows, and Mac! | Shell Shockers -

How To Get BETTER FPS On Chromebook, Windows, and Mac! | Shell Shockers

Scrambled Eggz
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This is part 2 to my most popular windows fps guide. Hope this helps all my chromebook and mac users, as well as windows!

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  1. Second step is on your keyboard. CTRL + for windows/chromebook and command + for Mac. Also CTRL or command mouse up also does the trick

  2. idc but why does every1 copy me and put SS at the end of there name i was the first one lmao idc but like did i start a trend also thanks

  3. @Scrambled Eggz so yeah uhh whats ur discord

  4. Im on my personal chromebook when i dont have low quality i have 30-40fps but when i have low quality i have 50-60fps I came here to learn how to get low quality everytime and i did LETS GO

  5. is this just for shell shockers cuz i want better fps for minecraft so i could possibly do multiplayer without so much lag

  6. I don't know if these worked good before, but now these aren't good in the game. I get 500-700fps, but it lags big time when you shoot or get close to other players in the game. So default 60fps is actually more smooth.

  7. Well today I had 10 fps and 200 ping so I did what u said but my fps is 60 and ping is 98 but it fixed my problem so thx

  8. Thanks, imma try it on my chromebook when I get back to class!!

  9. I've been playing Shell Shockers for a while stuck at 60 fps but now I'm at 120!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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