How To Get BETTER FPS In Shell Shockers! UNLIMITED FPS - Fix and Reduce Lag! -

How To Get BETTER FPS In Shell Shockers! UNLIMITED FPS – Fix and Reduce Lag!

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A Few Tips and Tricks to Boost your FPS in Shell Shockers!

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For the last step copy and paste ” –disable-frame-rate-limit” or type manually.


  1. Mine is thinkpad t450s windows pro will it work at game I get rarely 60 but mostly 40 sometimes 30 will it work? Pls answear and my ping goes up so fast

  2. Thanks so much bro ! I needed that. I am going to hit the subscribe button now !

  3. Hi, I use a mac, how can I boost it ? Please DM me on discord Nitbro #0777 Thanks

  4. did it now I have 0 ping and 164 fps jesus christ you're a legend

  5. im-on-chromebook:(…i-saw-ur-other-video-for-chromebook-but-i-only-run-60fps-in-private-games-and-24-fps-in-public…if-their-is-other-ways-for-chromebook-pls-make-a-vid-on-1

  6. bro it worked before i got 20-30 fps now its 30-70 fps THX

  7. I don't get high ping but while recording it's showing high ping

  8. mine mostly is pretty low but it is now 17-30 now ty bro

  9. i tried but still 20 fps and 30000 ping like bruh

  10. thx so much i was having so much lag isues in the game and know that i saw this vid it really helped out and know i'm going to hit that big fat red subscride button and turn on all notifactoins

  11. bro pls help me mine is windows 8 and its not working any ideas pls help me

  12. My FPS is still capped at 60 And my pc can go way higher than that

  13. thanks so much!!!
    Used to get 30-40 now getting 60-70 fps

  14. i was from 1-5 fps but now its 10-15 thx dude👍

  15. bro it works very much my laggy shellshock is now like no laggy now I can play without lagg yay!!!

  16. i use opera but how do i put the app on my home screen
    so i can go to properties'

  17. won't work for me?


  18. tried all three, didnt work. still have 8 fps.

  19. Me and you have t launcher for minecraft cuz real is money😬😬😬😬

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