How to get all skins for free in ShellShockers -

How to get all skins for free in ShellShockers

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Code : extern.account.isItemOwned = function(){return true}

NOTE : This hack will only work once and once you close the tab, it will not work the next time, but the skin that you choose before closing the tab will be saved If on pressing F12 if your laptop goes to airplane mode try pressing cntrl+shift+i it will work


  1. Umm I know idint work cuz you asked wiz for it

  2. nothing works just play with what the game has given you, be gratefull

  3. u cant because they have banned it LOL BWD banned it because it really worked

  4. Bro, don't do like this, you have actually decoded the game, which can lead to severe problems

  5. Dude don't do this the point of people making a game is to play it not hack it and if you do this you just decoded the game which lead to you getting banned and also other players if they do this and even when I try doing this it does not even work

  6. how to press f12 in chromebook ?


  8. It doent work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. sorry but no one can you your skin only you can see your skin

  10. BRuh your fakingi t you are litarly looking in your inventory guys do not fall for these tricks and scames

  11. Bro BWD banned it so it doesnt work anymore

  12. BWD said this STOP!
    VM349:1 This is a browser feature intended for developers. If someone told you to copy and paste something here, there is a good chance that they are attempting to gain access to your account and personal information!

  13. !!ANTENCION ES FALSO ES TODO ES MENTIRA NO SIRVE PARA NADA!! Like si no les Funciona aca 👇😤😡

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