How To *FARM* Golden Eggs! | Shell Shockers -

How To *FARM* Golden Eggs! | Shell Shockers

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Got 100k in 3 days by doing this 😀
Pretty easy tbh 😉

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  1. They fixed it now 🙁 It doesnt work bro. Is there another way?

  2. sometimes its fun but also really boring sometimes .. but helped a lot to get eggs

  3. I played in that game (joined after you finished filming)

  4. how long were u guys there for? i only join at the last bit lol

  5. It later gets boring but It's a fun way to farm eggs. A massacre in the middle of farming would be fun, too.

  6. Nice video aD..btw it's me America..also this is a lot of farming right..I have a question,how much eggs you got while farming eggs..🤔

  7. That was really helpful way where we join KOTC to farms eggs

  8. NOOOOO!!!! Delete this vid before it’s too late! The secret is revealed! BWD will find out how we get so many eggs!!!!!!

  9. This is cheating the system, but its fun

  10. Lol I tried this one. I did this for an hour. I gotten total of 15k eggs

  11. they fixed this. 🙁 Please try to find another map for video…

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