How To Draw The Shell Shockers Logo! -

How To Draw The Shell Shockers Logo!

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Hope you enjoyed me drawing the shell logo!
I love shell shockers 🙂

Discord: yahboyyah#4243
Thumbnail: Sharkbucks

Tell me in the comments what I should draw next :O


  1. U should do more art vids u draw neatly pls do a face reveal once 🙁

  2. you should give these away as signed copies! great job!

  3. That yolk looked like a smily face without eyes

  4. Nice work people should do something like this

  5. You are so good at art
    I did it ty for showing me 🙂

  6. Nicee, did it myself and it was so cool! The omelet looked like a smiley face at the end 🥵😄

  7. Nice video yahboyyah! Hope you get cc back soon!

  8. Not only hand reveal left-hand Artist reveal !!! 🙂
    This is my 1st time seeing a left-handy drawing soo good, #Respect to Yahboyyah

  9. u love shell shockers?
    i want to marry it 😀

  10. LOL A FRIEND OF MINE SAID U KNOWS IN IRL AND UR INDIAN. Ur hand looks like it. Is that true?

  11. I was wondering if you lost your YouTube button in Shell Shockers. Because "I met you" on a German server a while back and I wasn't quite sure if you were real. You gave me your discord and told me that you were gonna make this video.

  12. Cool to see something new nice artwork and you're a girlllll unexpected!!!!!

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