How to DOUBLE your FPS in Shell Shockers! | K4hhny -

How to DOUBLE your FPS in Shell Shockers! | K4hhny

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UNCAP UR FPS CODE: –disable-frame-rate-limit

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  1. also yes for any1 bouta say, the 10 to 240 was for the thumbnail to make it look good lol 😂also, like 5% of shell shockers players use Macbooks, sorry mac users XD

  2. The thing is it will not work on what I use to play

  3. you helped me with the background apps thx!^^

  4. hope it works, my rec fps is 40 rip
    edit: what rec software do u use? Because you have to disable xbox gamebar i can't rec anymore

  5. I shall try this on my school Mac book

    I totally watched the whole vid b4 I comment

  6. msi dragon center runs almost all of these setting for me so i can get top performance on my laptop good vid glad there are a few new ways i havent really played with yet tho might give it a try

  7. Does uncapped fps affect anything in the PC?..

  8. thx for the Tips bro, now on I could think about uploading videos on my YT 😀

  9. some of the methods are for win 10 only so I can't use them

  10. 1. 10-240 is NOT DOUBLING LOL… anyway, nice vid

  11. When you fire a weapon, the screen stops😥

    What should I do at times like this?

  12. works with minecraft aswell for most of these :> just optimise ur setting and u legit double or triple ur fps

  13. I focused more on the fps vid not the codes lol

  14. thank you when ever i record i lag so much i have to trash the vid and start all over again lol

  15. Does the –disable-frame-rate-limit work for chormebook

  16. man doesn't realise that 10×10 is 200😂. Jp. Thanks for the vid cant wait for the next one!

  17. Well no point of watching cause I'm using a 13 year old PC sooooo yea

  18. Not me using nvidia control panel to get higher fps

  19. holy crap bro you actually fixed my problem lol, was stuck gettting 30-60 FPS now im at 80 – 100 (PC user)

  20. also just saying I can't uninstall the cpu parking tool

  21. This is getting pinned 🙂 POV you have 30 fpsand ur on chromebook, K4 cant help them users go brrrrrr. This video is 4:20 seconds long noobs lol idk why im still typing but ok. Sub to k4hhny

  22. I'm about to try this on my PC hope this works!

  23. yea k4 theres a problem i tried it and it didint work i tried the last trick in the vid

  24. Well i already have 165 and 1000 uncapped 😅😅😅

  25. More tip: When you do the final step make sure to change your fire setting in Shell Shockers to Mouse 2 or anything else, dont use left mouse because when you click at it, it spikes

  26. holy wow my pc runs 50-60 fps on a good day now its running 200-250 fps top how the heck have you done this !!!

  27. Added to my playlist, I'll watch it again)) And maybe even promote it through g e t 4 v i e w s, let them see all your cool staff ☺

  28. I have about usally 45-50 ping but i dont lag that much

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