How to Cancel Grenade Throws in Shell Shockers -

How to Cancel Grenade Throws in Shell Shockers

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  1. Dude my shell shock grenade throwing button is right press😂😂😂😂😂

  2. i thought this was like a common thing that everyone knew how to do lmao

  3. Me gusta como se ve la miniatura de estos videos 👍🏼👍🏼

  4. Thx for the tip! I have known this for many months but thx anyways!

  5. 188 person to whach it

    Me to late

  6. hazmatt plz 1v1 me if you have time if you can we can do it thx for the guidence you gave me thx

  7. if you are not playing with a mouse charege a nade and shoot and it well cancle it. and thanks hazmat for this vid

  8. i learned it yesturday by accidently clicking left button

  9. Nice video! I like this kind of video idea, so you should do more of these little tip videos.

  10. Hey Hazmatt, today I played with you, my name was Chick Supreme, your record in that game was 20 kills, Sean or a camper would always kill you, it was all against all, I am very happy, for being able to play with you, you are my idol! Best

  11. hello haz im verry bad for you no play shell shockers for me soooo

    I understand your side and read more I speak in Portuguese but I wish you luck the best shell shockers player in the world 🙂

  12. will u ever do a 1v1 against me sometime?

  13. Hey hazmatt I think you should get this new game called among us.It is on laptop and phone

  14. Just a request it would be cool if you and some other streamers make a gfx server for new youtubers:)

  15. without this video, people would think im a weirdo randomly throwing grenades, thanks a lot Hazmatt, love your videos! 😉

  16. bro how to throw grenades? I don't know which button and the game also don't tell how to throw

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