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Use These 5 Tips To Become An INSANE Shell Shockers Player And Dominate Against Your Opponents!

3D Aim Trainer:

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  1. Jax thankyou SO MUCH for making this video i wanted you to make you the best!!!!!! subscribe everyone and like.

  2. The 3d aim site is really helpful. Thanks and great vid Jax!

  3. Honestly, practice makes perfect. Or… grind pubg (helped me in the old days b4 valorant)

  4. Why is hazmatt not posting any vids for so long?

  5. Hey Jax remember you were playing a game… you had 19 kills… then a fan of yours joins in (ME!) and kills you? And then you just said "Fluke" and left xD

  6. Hey man! I tried 3d aim trainer, but how do you set the sensibility the same as Shell Shockers? For Example, I use 45 mouse speed in Shell Shockers. How would I make it so that it is the same sensibility in 3d aim trainer?

  7. Yo it'a me the ssh guy (irk if you saw my other dm).The only good tip u need and got me insane that helped me be op and got ssh with my help to be op legends is to play fortnite as it's harder.btw if u wanna find me in game shell shockers my name is DXGκΟG

  8. Whats the app for the shooting game? where you get better?

  9. Hi, can you 1v1 me and my friend. We are both big fans

  10. welll welll well thank you it is pretty yousful im a pro at shell shockers now got some john wick music playing

  11. Bruh your enemies are just big eggs that means they have a big hitbox. You don't have to aim much in this game lol

  12. he does not look around for tip 2 lmao he looked when somebody shot him hehe

  13. I sm pro but the game is lagging that is the only reason

  14. hi I meet you shellshockers my name is {RT7}the PIXEL do you remember me?

  15. lol i am ment to be doing my work but instead im playing shell shockers XD😅😅

  16. Surly face me on shell shockers so I that i can be good

  17. I'm a god so I don't really need to know these tips but thanks!

  18. i'm pro already but all you said is true men but i'm not using 3D OR SOMETHING WHAT IS IT I JUST PLAY AND PLAY THE GAME

  19. Hey Jax yo u really made me a pro man and now I got 12375544578 eggs thanks for the video make more vids let god bless u .

  20. This is good for beating my classmate in a 1v1 during lunch or my useless health class

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