How to be Slimy in Shell Shockers! (Tutorial) -

How to be Slimy in Shell Shockers! (Tutorial)

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  1. I think you mean, how to be an absolute 1 TRICK crackshot player.

  2. I am slimmy now i get gud i did one damag to yolkpro on 3 fps with crackshoot

  3. Does slimy really play on teams? Or on ffa?

  4. β€œyour fps will do all the work” unfortunately what most ppl think tho. 40 fps is playable but under that you are probably at an disadvantage. anything over 60 is overkill

  5. all those kids that still suck cause they weren't even remotely good with 60 fps lolz.

  6. Hey thanks for howing people how to be zixer! rlly appreciate it hope people can achieve that! >:))

  7. now i know that i truly can be what i want to be when i grow up

  8. The harsh first step: waste your entire life saving on a intel core i5 10th gen and a RTX 3090

  9. This is calm and usefull where we can get this again?

  10. It says change admin settings… for uncapped fps

  11. Do we need to get a good computer to get 1000 FPS

  12. First I want albino or buck account then I'll play like slimy

  13. I try to get 1000 fps on Google chrome but didn't work.

  14. ℕ𝕠 π•„π•’π•Ÿπ•Ÿπ•–π•£π•€ 𝕐𝕋 says:

    Cool u slimy god

  15. btw i uncapped my fps but i dont have 1000 i got 100 lmfao and i got 60 in fact pls say what to do swi

  16. OK. I am Slimy now. So can u hurry up and put me in the competitive team already?

  17. im better thn slimey noow thnks forr good tuturosal

  18. Me: after trying to get 1000 fps
    i will never get that

  19. thanks for the tutorial and what do i do to get a code

  20. ''How to be Slimy in shell shockers''
    How to get low FPS in shell shockers and noobs look like

  21. how to be the opposite of slimey, turn off ur wifi

  22. Inspect element for fps or just insane specs?

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