How People Get there Eggs in 2021 (Shell Shocker) -

How People Get there Eggs in 2021 (Shell Shocker)

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Don’t look!


  1. bij mij werkt het niet kan je mij helpen NLD

  2. Literally showed your credit card number, dummy should’ve blurred that.

  3. so just cpoy your one??


  5. Its so easy to tell this video is a joke imao its so funny how so many people cant tell this is a joke

  6. guys its easy to tell that this video is just a joke lol! He even said Dont look in the Description!!!!

  7. Can we use you credit card to pay for the eggs???

  8. Dude why u dont give your account and buy VIP pass

  9. Bruh the amount of ppl who cant tell that this is a joke lmao. One guy even said "I exposed U on my yt" lmao. Nice vid 👍

  10. Sorry it is a scam I exposed on my YouTube

  11. Bruh U blocked the card pls give a another card pls it din't work

  12. pls tell me the card number bc it didnt work ):

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