How People Get there Eggs in 2021 (Shell Shocker) -

How People Get there Eggs in 2021 (Shell Shocker)

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Don’t look!


  1. Literally showed your credit card number, dummy should’ve blurred that.

  2. so just cpoy your one??


  4. Its so easy to tell this video is a joke imao its so funny how so many people cant tell this is a joke

  5. guys its easy to tell that this video is just a joke lol! He even said Dont look in the Description!!!!

  6. Can we use you credit card to pay for the eggs???

  7. Dude why u dont give your account and buy VIP pass

  8. Bruh the amount of ppl who cant tell that this is a joke lmao. One guy even said "I exposed U on my yt" lmao. Nice vid 👍

  9. Sorry it is a scam I exposed on my YouTube

  10. Bruh U blocked the card pls give a another card pls it din't work

  11. pls tell me the card number bc it didnt work ):

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