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HIM a Shell Shockers Montage

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Hope you guys enjoyed the video


  1. The start was so creative. Great job 😀

  2. Do u still know the painosthere pass??? It changed 🙁 G.Shadow_YT message me wait nice montages tho

  3. Noice montage can I have painisthere new password too? Please? SPARKY#7165

  4. Nice shared acc. Clips are good but you're probs not good at 1v1's. 1v1 me I'm Nieks#0315 on discord

  5. Wo wo wo!! Flame crackshot. Could I also 1 v1 you for buck code LOL!!

  6. Kind do can you help me make a montage like you did with zgamer

  7. Some insane clips love the montage, your so twisted!

  8. Nice! What recording do you use? I have relatively the same FPS and I have 60 ms most of the time, but my recording looks like 10 FPS and 250 ping,

  9. Is that your acc with buck and albino?

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