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HIGHER – Shell Shockers Trick shot Montage

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100% my best montage yet, it took me way to long but the final product was insane.
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Editor: Adobe After Effects

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Song(s): Lemaitre – Higher (feat. Maty Noyes)

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  1. Rubixer what do u use for editing?

    Sick video wowowowoowow

  2. …actually one of the best montages ive ever seen, no joke! 😀 Keep up the good work!

  3. Rly fire man, definitely been one of your best, awesome job, great shots too 😎🔥!

  4. This is I N S A N E (I understand why it took you too long!)
    Your editing is epic – I love this montage – One of the best I've seen! Keep up the great content and work! Can't wait for the next one

  5. this was kinda good keep up the editing ur gonna get better as u go

  6. Elixr : Unique
    Professor Jax : Tries To Copy Elixr Eiting
    RUBIXed : Tries To Copy Professor Jax Editing
    SMH :/ o_O

  7. I am a twitch streamer and pro shellshockers player and i dont have many followers on scoial yet, but i do have 200 followers on twitch and it would benifit you

  8. the circle edits are awesome nice montage

  9. RUBIXed is my fav youtuber my name in shell shocer is toxic fart

  10. How did you use such cool contrast ? What editor )


  12. Can you teach me how to do a colour filter and where do you get all those transitions like the spin one ? I really need to know !

  13. How did you glow the video ???? That was really epic!! Can you teach me ???? Pls thx

  14. Can u teach me how to shake Video ????? Thanks!!!

  15. Rubixed, just one more question about the glow… I searched up the magic bullet effect but I didn't find a video on the glow you used in the montage. Can you help possibly or send me a good video ???? Thanks for the help

  16. Rubixed, i have RSMB now!!!!! Also about the glow, i still have problems with it… I don't know how you add the glow with the magic bullet effect though, it doesnt show on youtube

  17. Cool!! Can you give me a code for that nuke zone pistol? I’ll feature you in a video! Awesome trick shots 😎😎😎

  18. what video reccorder do you use

  19. I swear a little bit of commentary would’ve have made this look amazing. Great work btw!

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