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Hide & Seek Event! | Shell Shockers

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Don’t look 😉
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  1. Shouldve done a map like rats-rats is good for hiding but two towers is ok

  2. Yay 😀 This is the one I won! Great vid tysm!

  3. Bro literally passed me co gaming twice without ever checking behind himself to see if there was anyone there. But the moment he saw me and cogaming I screamed because my heart rate was like 100 beats per second.

  4. Aw man I fg to join but it doesn't matter

  5. I feel like all the time I do a hide and seek with my friends, every time I just keep blanking people and its so dumb

  6. if they win do they dm u on discord to claim

  7. kilzomatic can you do a edit for me?

  8. is that where you get your kdr from lol

  9. I wish I was in a yt Shell Shockers video. 😢

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