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Hazmatt’s Inventory Tour! | Shell Shockers

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  1. Can you make a tips ant tricks vid for, you know, how you do stuff?

  2. You've gone through a long journey Bud. Nice Inven. Tho

  3. nice! i wish i had 2019 new years skins 🙁

  4. I really want new year 2019 skins, the colour choice is so good

  5. The New Yorker was a scam, they gave the code but it was used. For the bunny rabbit..

  6. How do I get an automatic pistol?

  7. Your the only person I know that can be afk with 144 fps…

  8. I played in 2019 and 2020 but I don’t have either skins why is this?

  9. Do you have any tips for playing on trackpad? I currently use F as my shoot key.

  10. Hi hazmatt just wanted to ask can i just play with you because i am a big fan of you

  11. hazmatt puedes entrar a mi cuenta y hackera y ganar 1232222222222222222222222222222

  12. If I had the fire shotgun, would you trade it for any skin ?

  13. In my opinion, the Groundhog’s day skins are the worst.

  14. Why don't you want the snake shotty ?

  15. Nice inv i only have 3 or 8 skin only (^^)🌐

  16. Seeing your videos make me want to play shell shockers

  17. omg how do you get the rabbit pistol its not in my shop in shellshockers

  18. haz when you getting skull bandana its the coolest hat

  19. im still saving up for the snake crackshot so i rarely have anything in my inventory

  20. Hazmatt is your skins free or you just pay for them by eggs.

  21. LMao I spent all my eggs on a sniper skin and it sucks

  22. Wait what you actually got stuff from notifications?? My computer has failed me -_-

  23. Hey please pass your account from Shell shockers

  24. you play with me now my ID is Hazmatt i tel you big fan sir and i say wooh Hazmatt the big youtuber is here

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