Hazmatt's *2020* Pro Settings + 21 Kill Streak! | Shell Shockers - leegamestore.com

Hazmatt’s *2020* Pro Settings + 21 Kill Streak! | Shell Shockers

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Track: Clarx & Harddope – Castle [NCS Release]
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Track: Arlow – How Do You Know [NCS Release]
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  1. try mouse 1 for granade and mouse 2 for aim, i play with it

  2. MrHazmatt do u play like everyday on free for all

  3. I just use default setting lol, I don’t why default setting is just easy except messing with them and mixing your hands lol

  4. Can you please answer my question about how you get the item codes for giveaways?

  5. Do more videos like this with your Voice its more interesting

  6. every ting is the same for me besides i use 61 speed and F to aim

  7. Sup haz, i am the guy who 1v1 u on the cluck ground maps. ik u didnt upload it, (for reasons) but can u shout out my channel?

  8. Me:Oh shoot haz posted new vid
    Had:Explains Vid & Stuff
    Me:These Setting Bouta make me a Goat TODAY

  9. hazmatt if u ever see me i a game my name is 𝙈𝙂𝙈_𝙒𝙞3𝙖𝙧𝙙

  10. HAZMATT can we play togther plz ima fan when ever u reply i will reply BACK plz

  11. what is the dead zone in the settings? what does the mean?

  12. Hazmatt, ur settings are the same as mine just that my mouse speed is 50 and not 46 like u. Otherwise everything is same!

  13. Do what shotgun skin is the best and all of your gun skins

  14. Hazmatt how do you get a good ping and play without lag?

  15. My settings are
    Aim-Mouse 2
    Shoot-mouse 1
    Nade-Middle mouse
    Swap weapon-Wheel down
    mouse speed – 24

  16. Everything is same for me except I use caps lock instead of shift

  17. Why does your shell shockers look different then the normal shellshock.io? And also what gun did you use in this?

  18. Can u sometimes reply the people in chat? Watching people react about real Hazmatt’s gonna be fun !

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