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Hazmatt vs Kilzomatic | Shell Shockers

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  1. 0:54 "flanky, flankaroo" Hazmatt always has a way of saying something funny.

  2. yes! I have been waiting for this so long yesyesyes

  3. That was a fun video to watch it was cool how you showed each POV keep up the good work

  4. Kilzo is trash I destroyed him in his twitch livestream

  5. Bro , really disappointed 😞 ☹️ I asked you to do 1v1 so you said you are not doing 1v1 from now..

  6. Very nice 1v1 Hazmatt!! Enjoyed the video!! Keep it up and hope to see you 1v1ing other content creators in Shell Shockers!! It was 7-0 !! Kilzo is actually a great player !!

  7. That was a really great 1v1! I like seeing both of your povs. GGs Kilzo.

  8. Wow.Hazmatt is the king of shell shockers

  9. U haven't subscribed kilzo 😂 Just kidding 😅

  10. hello, I have a probleme, con you answer me ?? My problem: When I disconnect and reconnect, I am no longer on the same account, what do I do?

  11. Hazmatt youre videos are sooo good you are amazing and each time you teach me more techniques😃🥚📞

  12. Please do more 1v1 videos with people!!

  13. Lots of nostalgia watching this

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