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HAPPY NEW YOLK – Shell Shockers

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You guys requested this game so much that I
decided to bring this back, but as a regular series,
today, I’m going to buy all the new years things.

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  1. Later he did he know he was going to own 2019 rare guns


  3. You should have fans join a private game. just a video suggestion.😊love your vids keep up the good work.

  4. Try playing on diffrent servers. I found the Sidney server is the best and the South America one is the worst

  5. it sucks I played this game since it came out and stop playing when I got tired of the game and missed all the new item, and I know they are going to be rare in the future

  6. Your awesome I watched all your all your shell shocker videos

  7. i am good iteam red and then i go on blue does enyone do that. 🙂 🙁

  8. You're good but this was a simple situation. Let's try to challenge me, when you want 😉

  9. for some reason the only buy able guns that show up for me are the heart ones, the gold ones, the Halloween ones, and the original ones, I just signed up for the newsletter thing that gives me free stuff every month, is that how you get it, or is there another way

  10. Your good but you don't do anything special you just do slow no scopes instead of like quick scopes and stuff.

  11. New subscriber! Love everything about you. The suit! The skill! The commentary!

  12. I killed you my name was Dawood yesterday

  13. My stat, kill 11885 death 3010 kdr 3.94 streak 51 My age is 13

  14. You deserve more subs than you have. Your videos are like fantastic quality!

  15. how come the new years stuff this year was not like last years? (2020 skins suck)

  16. Moon here is a tip ,you dont need to turn aroun and throw a grenade when someone is right behind you, just look down,whilst running , jump and throw . Saves time . Wonderful videos .Sushi Master🍣

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