Guide to Mastering the CRACKSHOT | Shell Shockers -

Guide to Mastering the CRACKSHOT | Shell Shockers

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  1. I remember literally trickshotting the crap out of people with the crackshot, its just such a good weapon…

  2. Great tips, no joke just got a 21 kill streak, another tip for new players is to lower their mouse speed, this gives them more accuracy for snipers, but its kinda harder to trickshot. Thanks for the video, greate tips

  3. These are all very helpful but blanks effect my predictions! These are so good I hope other guns come soon!

  4. These tips are great for those wanna get better at using the crackshot 😀

  5. some shell league players need to take some tips rn 🥱

  6. Some great tips – Thanks swi. Fun fact – swi was one of the first players to reach 100k kills

  7. You should make a guide to mastering the free ranger, and see if its better than mine

  8. predicting might be one of the most useful one, and gawd damn your mid-air shots are epic

  9. Thanks bro! I hope to play with u some time!

  10. i need to improve my predicting!

  11. i mostly do all of these, but my aiming is terrible

  12. 1:47 OML. No one who plays egg game should be this good. Stop getting better😂

  13. cool I kind of do do that already just need to master the grenades and the quick scope

  14. ive been here for 2 years this will help me act my shell age lol

  15. Thanks realswi iv got a 89 streak with there facts

  16. I do all of these and have been playing for 4 years, I suck and everyone laughs at me for being bad, having autism makes everything harder I hate my life. I can't get good at anything

  17. awesome, im a weak crackshot player myself😁

  18. Now after watching this video I have been carrying my team a lot better in scrims with those predictions from far and close range. Thanks swi 🙂

  19. These tips definetly helped, nice video👍

  20. thanks for tips pls make on fps cnange

  21. Nice tips! These helped me raise my KDR from 1.3 to 2.1. Unfortunately there’s no true way to deal with laggy p90 players

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