GROUNDHOG'S DAY SPECIAL - Shell Shockers | Live -

GROUNDHOG’S DAY SPECIAL – Shell Shockers | Live

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Playing some, should be a fun time, going to get the new Groundhog’s day items.

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  1. I have a question whats with the suit, is it uncomfortable?

  2. What time do u start ur streams and can u show the code in ur stream

  3. Is shell-shocker the best game that you ever play?

  4. Who did you think was the best when you were playing

  5. You are awesome also dude can u sub to my yt channel

  6. If u dont want to can u tell ur subs to also sub to my channel in another vid

  7. can you do a vid about all the things that you own in shell shockers because i want to see all the things that you own because you probably own everything in the game. and do you support the idea that they should add a sniper rifle that is 100% accurate but after every shot you reload (to keep it fair) Ur the BEST

  8. Can you stream please so I wanted to join the game code

  9. Im pretty sure your the few youtubers who make shell shock videos, so thats cool i guess

  10. Polarized moon thank you for this awesome video you one of my favorite youtubers

  11. Ad: there is a ad
    You: gets off screen
    Me:that's safe
    You:how you guys doing
    Me: Great
    You:Drinks water
    Me: You have to stay hydrated
    You: Gets back

  12. im a big fan of you my name is not austin okay

  13. Yo moon love ur vids also im ssk marco on discord abd you blocked me. 🙁

  14. Polarized Moon do you use chat in private game when you play with like us on the private game do you enable chat?

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