GRENADE GUN - Shell Shockers -

GRENADE GUN – Shell Shockers

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Looks like it is time for me to fail
with the Rocket Propelled Eggrenade,
but at least I can try right?

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  1. The rocket doesn’t shoot when you are too close

  2. when are you going to a code so i can play with you

  3. I think I once told a lobby if I got a 10 streak with the rpg they PayPal me a penny, and I did but didn't get a penny :(.

  4. i love how you doubt yourself and then you go onto the map and destroy everyone

  5. Are you doing a Valentine’s Day special

  6. I got my highest streak in this same map and with the eggsploder

    Btw great vid moon

  7. Ok, I take back my words: you're very good 😀
    P.S.: how can I have always the audio?

  8. Bro I could watch hours of shell shockers videos if I was not busy playing shell shockers

  9. My system can run apex legends at 100 fps, fortnite at 150+ csgo at 150+ but this… ohhhh nooo… 20 fps.

  10. A word to the wise, set the reload to the Z key. That's how I do it instead of R since it's closer

  11. Silver「キャプテンシルバー」 says:

    does any one still play fortnite?

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