Graysocean Montage by Bubbleaxe | Shell Shockers -

Graysocean Montage by Bubbleaxe | Shell Shockers

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full credit for the video and thumbnail go to my man Bubbleaxe ( SUB HERE ► ), he’s been a massive supporter of mine for the longest and has been showing off his fantastic editing skills as of late on his channel!

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  1. Holy… this is a masterpiece, what’s the song?

  2. woow cooool montage 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  3. hey graysocean react to your montage

  4. I have a feeling that bubbleaxe will be the new gibby as an editor

  5. Very few can do it like Bubbleaxe. Y’all better go check the description and sub to him

  6. dang bubbleaxe went offfffffff 🥵
    also good clips from you as well 🔥

  7. Sheesh. Those edits by Bubbleaxe is sick! The trickshots are amazing.

  8. The worst Part of this Montage is that…..

    It ended too fast ;(
    btw cooly monty 😀

  9. bro does graysocean and yaboi jenkins like each other?

  10. i am the guy talking to you as of march 22 2022
    on shellshockers

  11. I remember watching bubbleaxe’s streams when he was learning how to edit he’s gotten so good now.

  12. Bubble Axe is insane with the editing acknowledge and your gaming skills

  13. That's good I like the music is cool and your 360s grayocean is cool and awesome

  14. yo gray can you 1v1 me for a vidieo at some point for my chanel

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