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**GIVEAWAY!!** Kill Streak Shotgun! || Shell Shockers

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  1. My favorite fast food is Fried chicken from Popeyes! GL to everyone btw thx for doing giveaway!

  2. I Love Wendy’s and good luck to every one else I wish you all good luck 👍

  3. Hi timmy! My fav food is chicken wings from popeyes btw i have subed and liked the vid

  4. My favorite food is usually chick fil a and you already have more subs than me 🙁

  5. my favorite fast food is mcdonalds ehehe

  6. also when can we 1v1? can we sort this out through gmail mine is dragonshellyt@gmail.com

  7. lol you all be like wnedys gl gl when al you wan ti to win and pretend to gbe gud sports tbh i like mcdanalds like who doesnt like htere icecream unless the machine is '

  8. Hi boss u sub and liked your vid and my fav fast food is Wendys 😀

  9. Hey Timmy I love ur vids keep it up and u r so good idk how you play with invert mouse but amazing job 😉

  10. My favourite fast food is noting sorry, mabye KFC not had in 2 years lol, GL! Great vid 😀

  11. My favorite fast food is 100% In 'n Out Burger. Good luck people!

  12. Mine is burger from mcdonalds. Pls choose me as winner as when i try to play this game it never gives that bar for this gun

  13. “I have liked and subed” my favourite fast food is bugler king

  14. My fav food is burgers and I liked and subbed

  15. Mine is Mc Donald’s gl to everybody I liked and subed nice vid Timmy have a good day gl to everybody

  16. fav fast food is def wendys. good luck everyone

  17. Im gonna give u a shoutout on my main channel which is yahboyyah, my favourite fast food is the classic burger and chips

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