Gibby's Shell Shockers Highlights #1 -

Gibby’s Shell Shockers Highlights #1

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Music: Getting My Dough – Azide & J Swey


  1. bruh how is he so good. me jealous 🙁

  2. This is so good my 100+ time watching it lmao nice job!!

  3. unsubcribing this for bieng toxic in game and unlike

  4. there's nothing more than I can say except… UR INSANE

  5. Ive watched tis about 10 times its so good

  6. con este video me cambiaste la forma en la que veo la vida, eres un ejemplo a seguir de muchos TE AMO

  7. This really inspired, and I learned to shoot good after this

  8. muito bom grande video so acho que ver a luz do dia de vez em quando era bom!!!

  9. The cinematics and shots are really good 🤙🏾

  10. Good music taste, as I’m looking through ur vids

  11. ur fps is insane the other eggs look like they moving in slow motion

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