Getting Worse With The Auto-Sniper! | Shell Shockers -

Getting Worse With The Auto-Sniper! | Shell Shockers

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  1. I was in that video! Im the guy with the bandana and the shell league logo lmao. I kill Haz at the end XD

  2. i think i was in this game but i cant tell cuz you got on safe usernames but anyways nice video Hazmatt

  3. Love you hazmatt! you inspired me to play this game and made me the beast i'am today!
    love and support!

  4. Imagine moon reacting to this 😆

  5. Hazmatt can you please stream more shell shockers on Twitch.

  6. yo my friend had a video, u were in it this one!

  7. Do u ever open the chat when ur not recording

  8. where you got this guns skins, the arent available in the web game

  9. do you think shell shockers should do dual wielding

  10. Moon actually says that’s the best gun in game by far. LMAO

  11. Remember me I love your vids you deserve 100k subs by now

  12. u guys heard the newyolker is not the untz gun 🙁

  13. if you are playing shell shockers can you send me the code on here on youtube please

  14. hi petergamer, i remember playing with you in shell shockers!

  15. Hey Hazmatt, I am a fan of you! But instead of making shell shockers videos, can you also make pokemon videos? I love pokemon! And one more thing. How do you get that semi automatic sniper?

  16. I am not complaning, but next time can the video be maybe like 5 or 10 minutes long? I didn't finish watching this video.

  17. Why do you have safe usernames on?

  18. Do You Plan To Buy The New Untz Crachshot???????

  19. I have one tip: Whenever you kill someone can you not reload. Like for example, after you kill some one with whipper right? And you have 39 bullets left remaning don't reload. Reload when all ur bullets are gone.

  20. Hey, which game booster software do you use?
    I can't have that 144 FPS

  21. i dont like the semi that much im more of a shotgun fan its the best gun

  22. oh hamatt can you do a video here you use rpegg only if you can

  23. What's your favourite gun at shell shockers

  24. I don't like free ranger I only use shotgun,P90 and crackshot

  25. tbh using the default skin of the auto-sniper can make a difference bud

  26. I got 26 kill streak whit the free ranger, is took so long to master that.

  27. I agree with you hazmat, just not made for ffa

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