Getting Unrusty in Shell Shockers (after 2 weeks not playing) -

Getting Unrusty in Shell Shockers (after 2 weeks not playing)

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  1. I really like the commentary at the beginning you should try to talk more

  2. How did that trick shot in the middle land how. That was the craziest thing I’ve seen today. Your crazy

  3. poggers, time to get back on the grind

  4. Where is the motion blur I was talking about in the stream?

  5. And I wanted to ask you how much your gaming setup costs (not including the keyboard and mouse)

  6. And also I don't like this type of content because it lost it's smooth feel like with the motion blur and you talking was kind of distracting, If you check out my channel I used to try to think "What would Boolet do" but now I think "What would the good old boolet do, or Deltastorm he has good content with that style of smoothness". So I recoment you switch back to your old style that you used before the live stream. P.S. I think you should use wrap music only for montages, and lofi music for all of your other videos'.

  7. Man actually has been away from shell and discord. I could never do that

  8. wsp BOOLET went to dentist so couldn't comment right up 🙁

  9. Nice to see you play again, dont worry because of school I play 30 mins in the morning and 30 minutes after school so I can do hw and do all my sports to

  10. If I hadn't played for two weeks, I doubt I could get a 10 streak.

  11. Absolutely fire video 🔥. And fantastic trick shot.

  12. 4:10 – Must be the gaming chair
    Great video! You should do more of the voiceovers!!!

  13. boolet your gameplay is so smooth it made me cry 😭

  14. Even with Boolet being rusty he still is better than me

  15. Awesome Gameplay Boolet!!! Really nice video!!

  16. impressive that u can make such a nice video just from playing in a pub for a bit

  17. Learn how to master grenades by my montages

  18. I love this content ❤ keep up the great work

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