Getting a 20 kill streak in Shell Shockers -

Getting a 20 kill streak in Shell Shockers

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  1. My best is a 27 kill streak and i just got it right now. My name is shell shock is always Ba$$il & Co

  2. Reminds me of the time when me and my friends were playing a FFA and I started destroying everyone so they teamed up on me.

    Ah, good times

  3. How is your game so smooth? Mine is struggling to get above 50fps + stutters a lot, even thought I can run cs:go max settings with 144fps. Also the mouse movement is very jittery and inconsistent. I'm on firefox, no extensions/addons

  4. tbh thats super easy when u do public servers

  5. Nice job u tide my record my record is 20

  6. I remember the old shell shockers. My first game I had a great kill streak of 3.

  7. Dude this is garbage I got a 34 kill streak ok one of my games ot was a 3 v 1 I was the one

  8. this reminds me when i got 189 kill streak and got killed by a guy who took a pistol and killed me XD

  9. he was killed by the first person he killed

  10. that gives my a lot of nostalgia thats so old!

  11. I can’t believe how low quality shell was back then

  12. Why did they removed that death animation😭it was much better😭😭

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