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GET YOURS TODAY! – Shell Shockers

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  1. I have a question: Why do you almost never use your scope?

  2. Wow good then you're doing in st.judes hospital ,love the gameplay , you deserve a lot more subs, keep up the good work.✌👍👏

  3. Moon: Starts charity fundraiser

  4. U should play gta 5 for the next video i like your videos keep it until u hit 1 mil

  5. I donated bruv $5.00. I hope everything goes to a great cause

  6. I donated when there was 2 rpegg codes left but I haven’t got one yet

  7. Great video! Yeah and btw I love your commentating! You’re videos wouldn’t be the same if they were just silent. I think more SS YTs should start doing what you do too!

  8. Moon did you know that there are going to be some new updates on starwar and also new maps

  9. not critisizing but why do you were the same suit

  10. The fact that there are grown men on this kids game.. 💀

  11. Do you know how to fix the bug where when you press play on any map it is just a blue screen but people still kill you and you can shoot but you can’t see anything

  12. Bro i can tell u put alot of work ito this chanell keep up the good work

  13. Moon, you are not a terrible person! U r a gr8 person!

  14. Nice video BTW play shellshocker more i love it i sub you

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