GET SCRAMBLED! 🥚 🔫 | Shell Shockers -

GET SCRAMBLED! 🥚 🔫 | Shell Shockers

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In today’s video I play Shell Shockers!

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  1. Eaten I’ve been watching you for years and I watched before the Minecraft series
    I love you vids eaten❤️ Keep up the good work 🤘🏽

  2. Glad I grew up with you, it was an honour Ethan.

  3. Last time i atched this bro was when he was 6 and the memories just blew up and im crying rn from this, tecnos death, me and my gf brakeing up, and much more this just brung back so many memories

  4. Been watching you for 6 years or more now, and to come back after such a long time has some insane nostalgia, glad your still make videos, good ones at that, definitely grown up a lot and changed, in a good way, keep up the work. (Ps lovely laugh)

  5. It's been so long since I've wached you so much nostalgia

  6. Imagine someone did the "oh back when I was younger" trend.

  7. Ethan…so much has changed. I have watched you since you started this channel. You still make me laugh every day. Thank you Ethan for making my childhood.


  9. i came back after 100 days and now i’m back

  10. Look at them all grown up not a kid anymore

  11. Bro I can't believe how much you've changed and grown, it's astonishing! I've been watching ever since you started. And now I come back to this. What a journey.

  12. Ethan it's been awhile since I've watched your video's remember fans world #1 you found diamonds in a nearby blacksmith I use to be your biggest fan and you use to be so popular TY for the best child hood anyone can ask for.

  13. You sound different I haven't watched you for years

  14. Try Skyrim the elder scroll it is a really good game

  15. Haven't watched you in 5-4 years, your voice is so deep!

  16. bro your voice omg I used to watch you in 2014 wow

  17. Haven't been in this channel for a long time and Holy your voice changed very drastically

  18. Bro I watched you like 2016 n stuff and I come back and this?

  19. I came back after 5 years his voice sounds so different and he looks like another person!

  20. oms I love shell shockers and your content (not clickbait)

  21. Bro
    His pistol deals so much damage
    Mine deals like is… tickle

  22. Although his voice becomes deeper, I still like his speaking style

  23. Oh my god u really grew up I remember watching u as a kid like 6-7 years ago man the nostalgia 😭🥹

  24. whollllllllllyyyyyy its beeen forevor not trying to be mean but how old are you also wanna play togethor one day

  25. After about 5 years, nostalgia hits HARD after that "hey gamers"

  26. you have much more deeper voice than before😑

  27. Who remembers him from your child hood

  28. I remember watching this guy like back when I was like I don't know six or seven I'm 11 now and I forgot what his channel was called and I was wanting to watch him for ages without remembering I just watched the beginning of one of his older videos heard his voice came back I was like what the

  29. I used to play this in school lmao

  30. I watched this when I was 4 then I think of your channel i thought of watching it again after 5 years

  31. Yoo ethan! Im a long fan. Just havnt watched you. In a while. Like. A couple years. I remember the roblox game and little thief.

  32. been so long you look so different that i almost cant recognize you i think you yt channel used to be eathangamertv i think i forgot been so long

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