Gang Gang 😤 (Shell Shockers Montage) -

Gang Gang 😤 (Shell Shockers Montage)

[PLG] Nova
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Gang Gang 😤 (Shell Shockers Montage)


  1. Sub to Doctor DCT IcySun and amazing vid

  2. What is your mouse speed in settings and your dpi ?

  3. That was amazing I liked and subbed! What do u use to edit?

  4. i subed to channle and liked all vids and hit bell so plz sub to my channle and comment channle = [PLG] Baller75

  5. my grandma past away the next day R.I.P age 56 september 15 2020

  6. Is multi-clanning allowed in PLG? Cuz I'm already in DCT.

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