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G O L D E N – A Shell Shockers Montage

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Big shoutout to @IamYen0 for making the thumbnail since mine got corrupted :c
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  1. WOW VERY GOOD MONTAGE. how do u get that egg splat sound effect?

  2. Nice flow man, congrats on 350 u passed me 😢😂, hope you grow more 🎉

  3. dude the one through the tree was awesome and congrats on 350 man!

  4. So much slow motion and optical flow its amazing 😍

  5. Bro you deserve 350 subs man! I enjoyed this so much, it's better than a lot of montages being posted currently, the sync, the slow mo, the effects and detail are AMAZING! Congratulations and Happy New Years! 🤙🏾❤

  6. If there was a cc this would of been clean montage, but nice montage

  7. Nice montage and Happy New Year!!

    Bro I'm still jealous of your ping

  8. nice I really like the shakes and the the remapping. Upcoming editor.

  9. got killed like 4 times by you but so worth it

  10. Congrats on 350 subs man, Loved the montage. 400 subscribers next?🔥💪

  11. How long did it take you to find a song that perfectly matches that XD?

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