Funnest Kill Ive ever Gotten... (Shell Shockers Shorts) -

Funnest Kill Ive ever Gotten… (Shell Shockers Shorts)

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This is a cool kill I did with a G-Nade (Grenade) in a video I was recording…


  1. damn ur famous i only got 1 ssub lol

  2. You : YO THIS IS SO FUNNY!!! Literally nobody laughing

  3. Fire ass video🥺!! I’m you biggest supporter never give up dawg😔

  4. My boy Lil’ Swinsy growin up got his own YT channel with a trending short

  5. I had bone a 1v5 and won so that are yeah add me on discord to 1v1 me if I win you trash and I get a s

  6. 1v1 me trash kid if I win I get a shot out and if you win I will drink toilet water

  7. Whats name of this game?i wanna download it

  8. I always played this game on the school laptops

  9. Spiderman is homeless Whitehaven video was that that was so funny hahaha🤣🤣🤣

  10. Literally not even a cool clip just a single kill that even I could do better than

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