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  1. does the stream have to be live? or can we watch playbacks?

  2. do i have to watch ur stream live or can i be a previous video

  3. If I watch your stream, everyone watching will get it? Or it’s like a giveaway

  4. when willl u be live again? i cant get the tiwtch drop unless u stream live when im online on shellshocker and twitch and will i be able to get the drops even if i watched for 3 hours but its not live anymore?

  5. Does the stream have to be live for the watch time to count?

  6. so what happens if you watch two streams at the same time? I mean keep both tabs open and do math hw on another tab.. will it still count?

  7. The Trident Crackshot almost made me think I was Neptune! Fabulous Video Grays 🌊

  8. i already have that gun and all the items in shell shockers

  9. So do we have to watch 3hrs continuously or if we watch bit by bit throughout the event works too?

    And also does the stream have to be live for the watch count?

  10. i cant get any live streams, me in the west of the world, what do I do? can u go live more early?

  11. I have atwitch account.and I linked it with shell shockers.
    In which time you comes live in twitch?
    Say, when you will come in live I will join.
    Then pls give me the twitch drop sniper pls pls pls pls.
    Name will XSERIPUS I'm not the real xSeripus

  12. son of a….. of course when I have to take an extended leave widepeepoSad, anyway good to see you've made waves in the shell community <3 (pun very much intended)

  13. Gray can you do a new stream because i still don't have my drop and yours is my favorite 😔

  14. i watched for 3 hours but i didn't get any drops

  15. hi graysoocean i am sure while u play in pub you met someone with name of ironman corect thats me

  16. when are you going to stream pls come on

  17. Bruh..!! I also play shell shockers..
    If you wish you can battle with me..
    What happens if I don't have a YouTube account..
    I have many special vip guns..

  18. also if youre watching the stream on mobile

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