Free Ranger is the NEW META? // Insane Shell Shockers Gameplay -

Free Ranger is the NEW META? // Insane Shell Shockers Gameplay

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The Shell Shockers Developers have finally released the brand new weapon balancing update, my poor boy Crackshot got DESTROYED ;–;

Anyway, the “Semi” (free ranger) is now VERY OP
so ez clips W

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  1. K4- this gun has gone crazy :O
    I use to have a PB of 55, with the help of CTS and the Free Ranger I got it up to 72 :O
    Crazy – W VId, W Clips. We on tha grind to 4k 💪

  2. This weapon is really broken right now, poople will use it a lot.
    Nice video, your a pro at this game, congrats on 3k.

  3. Hurry up and sell my your organs , can't wait for k4 nade skin 🎉

  4. Free ranger needs big boi nerf rn, BRING BACK THE CRACKSHOT META PLEASEEeee

  5. Tbh I would want a p90 nerf more

    (or just delete it all together, I hate campers)

  6. does the chicken free ranger sound like that screaming chicken tho?

  7. All inspect shots are copy righted for k4 only or else a 10000000 fine

  8. W video as always, what makes even more W is that I was in the video! ❤

  9. dude ik k4 the fr is so broken its just unreal. But At least since its not as good as the cs you cant rlly play it in comp play i think. There the crackshot is dominating with the P90

  10. bro don't you love it when you don't hit the egg it does like 700 damage but when it hits the egg straight in the middle it does 0 damage

    UR INSANE!!!

  12. Shellshockers the best game evry time

  13. How do you get that "Shell" labeled free-ranger K4?? Nice video, love the streams man

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