Fragging While Chillaxing! | Shell Shockers -

Fragging While Chillaxing! | Shell Shockers

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  1. did you know you can just press the icons at the bottom and you get the item but after close the tab

  2. he'll have to do a video like Tommyinnit on "how my college found my channel"

    We'll miss u hazmatt and ur insane kill streaks

  3. I enjoy it when you commentate the gameplay. Nice vid!!

  4. Hazmatt can you make a video on how to use pistol pleaseeee.

  5. imagine not being able to blank in shell…

  6. You will always be remembered in the shell community when u leave 🙂

  7. you are a pro
    What happened to your FPS? They were never like this.

  8. You should do more challenges like the weapon swap and the ramp it up challenges that you did a while ago. I rewatch those vids because they are my favourite.

  9. That 360 was nuts! If we can't enjoy some good Haz rambling then I am glad you'll be holding good court in College! Thanks for the video!

  10. Guys let's help haz get his 10k subs before college

  11. Do you play shell shockers as yessirski

  12. If ShellShockers has assist point almost everyone would be rich in golden eggs

  13. hazmatt can post some kind of gun cycle video

  14. Ok, just asking everyone:

    What do you think it's the best or funniest player name for ShellShockers?

  15. Cool. My dad studied geology and I would like to do it as well. It’s a great opportunity and lots of fun. I hope you enjoy yourself!

  16. why not have all shell shockers youtubers battle and who ever gets the most kills in 20 minutes will win the challenge and please do this challenge

  17. some ppl are doing this thing where they only kill eggs with default names rob cipher did one where he can only shoot once with shotty but if he shoots twice with shotty he has to kill himself so yea

  18. I hate skin hacks people can get ANYTHING whenever they want while me and every other player grinds eggs and wins giveaways for them. That almost made me dislike the vid but I didn't do anything.

  19. "Picture me with a shotgun in my hand, slapping people in the face." Me: Searches up gun sound

  20. 1 of the best Hazmatt sentences ever – I am the only person that can kill me!

  21. what sbetter the crack shot orshot gun??

  22. Hazmatt can you show me how to get the Ablino crackshot

  23. Funny how the amount of time it takes you to get a 21 streak is the amount for me to get a 5…

  24. how do you turn and check behind yourself so fast

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