FOR REAL THIS TIME - Shell Shockers -

FOR REAL THIS TIME – Shell Shockers

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No longer will people have to ask me where my logo stamp
is, and I won’t have to photoshop it on an egg anymore, this
is now the second BWD game that I am represented in.

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  1. If you don't mind asking, what is your sensitivity?

  2. That guys REALLY ended your 10 streak! Thanks for the video Moon!

  3. Nice job bro!! Congrats on the item in the game!!! And great video as always!

  4. Nice! Although I wonder why you always wear a suit though, I guess dress to impress 😀

  5. u deserve it moon! conggrats! hopefully u’ll get a hat too?

  6. hey that was me who killed u my name was a potato but GG!

  7. I bought ur skin immediately when I saw it and congratulations 😎

  8. On an unrelated note, your inventory is very vast.

  9. If you don't play often, then how do you have those crazy stats?

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