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From the same creators of FNF: The Origami King, we have FNF: Infernal Bout. Where we will have to face the King of the Koopas, Bowser himself. This mod has fascinated me since the first moment I saw it, and although it was all born as a joke, in the end it all became a real mod with a lot of potential. You can’t miss this mod when it finally comes out, I beg of you.
Finally with this latest leak, we have received the first half of Bowser’s first song and what can I tell you, it has turned out to be absolutely crazy, and I can’t wait for it to come out in full.

I have to remember that none of the content you see on the screen belongs to me, all credits go to the original authors who were the ones who made the mod They would make me very happy, if they gave them the support they deserve.

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Mod Development Team:


  1. Has anyone noticed that nintendo hasn't taken down a single Mario fnf mod? Or nintendo themed mods for that matter


  3. The song sounds a lot like Super Mario 3d World game

  4. ⛥ t̷̹͋̑̍̅̋ŕ̷̝̤̱̈͊͘o̸͈̠̼͈͙̎̽l̷̦̫̺̪͂ͅl̴̙̞̰̩̋ͅ guy says:

    Where is the leaked build I demand full song

  5. İf where the bowser jr. Come it will be so cool

  6. Am I the only person who thinks that who ever did this gave bowser the best vocals than any other bowser mod?

  7. Sounds chill I thought it would be 2.5 speed few jacks and fire notes that take away 25% of your health

  8. In Friday Night Funkin' the people makes mods of the antagonists (or popular fan-made characters) of popular franchises instead of the main characters, as of Sonic.exe, or in this case, Bowser.

  9. bonus song with mario voiced by chris pratt for the memes

  10. am i the only one that thinks bowser's voice sounds like a Pufferfish Eating Carrot sound effect?

  11. the voice should be just slightly bit deeper.

  12. Awesome looking mod, also the song sounds epic!

  13. I bet 10$ that fury bowser makes an appearance in this mod

  14. BF's colors on his character are a refrence to marios original colors. also his hammer refrences the original HAmmer bros game
    just thought id point that out (:

  15. We'll definitely see more lawsuit cases from Nintendo

  16. I think he's gonna tranform into giga bowser at his 3rd song

  17. The hell his voice like that like he swallowed a computer chip with crappy auto tune installed in it

  18. 𝙸𝚗𝚏𝚎𝚛𝚗𝚊𝚕 𝙱𝙵 says:

    I really like BF’s sprites mainly because on the bandana and hammer

  19. I'm sad nobody's talking about the gf animations during the countdown at the start.

  20. Yeeeeeeeeees finally as a bowser fan he desevers this

  21. If this is the start of paper mario boyfriend auto loses right?

  22. This a banger also bowser is my favorite game villain ever

  23. I hope they add the grand finale in this mod

  24. Choosing one of the best Mario songs. Clever move.

  25. I feel like Bowser should be a bit louder. Looks great overall, though!

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