First Look At The AUG!!! (Unreleased) | Shell Shockers -

First Look At The AUG!!! (Unreleased) | Shell Shockers

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  1. i'm a netherlander i don't have it now😭🤗😛😝😍

  2. This weapons like the bulldog in valorant. What do u guys think?

  3. Wiz trying to bring back his ogs players

  4. They should change the RPG so you can attack on close-range but it will do damage to yourself.

  5. Alguien que hable español dale un like

  6. It's really cool to see another weopan in shell. Also nice video 🙂

  7. New gun in shell
    Haz: Gotta make some content
    Viewers: OOOOOO

  8. I’m always scared but exited when new weapons come out I think the game is good and does not need any more weapons

  9. Looks cool but I’d rather have it be a tommy gun

  10. looks like a wierd mixture of a free ranger p90. It'll be a far range p90

  11. how do i go to the dev shellshockers? to try out the gun?

  12. Clan Alcoholic Here, and What Screen recorder do you use Hazmatt?

  13. Why can't you go into a public map with that

  14. Reply to my coment ''yes'' if u think hazmatt have to do a room tour.

  15. how do you manage to have such a smooth game? otherwise you're the best

  16. I knew they were gonna add a new weapon but not AUG I thought it was gonna be a mini gun

  17. I prefer sniper cuz u know long range is meh thing but I dont like short range

  18. When im playing I teleport back when I movecuz of how meh laptop is

  19. wait what is the website that u go on to play with it?

  20. GREATER Gaming & controller customization says:

    When the gonna add a pistol. I want them to add a desert eagle.

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