First Look At Shell Shockers Mobile! -

First Look At Shell Shockers Mobile!

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Hello, I hope everyone enjoys this video!
Please comment if you do have any feedback or a question.
I would recommend that you download shell shockers app on mobile!

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  1. Thanks for the video Sharkbucks! It's really early days so we are still tuning and making loads of update to the mobile version! Thanks for the showcase and expect the game to just keep getting better and better!

  2. shar bucks how can i have shell shockers em mobile tell me please
    shar bucks how can i have shell shockers em mobile tell me please

  3. Wait how the hell does auto-shoot work? Is it like when ur crosshair is on em it shoots by itself?

  4. I cant wait for the Android version to come out because I'm going to download it on my chromebook

  5. OH GOD this is gonna be hard to play against on computer if they have auto shoot and don’t have to aim

  6. Nice vid:)) and I’m sad that it’s only available for iOS 13 or more :((

  7. Hi, Sharkbucks, I wonder if you remember me from… Anyway, I can't get into your discord, can you help???

  8. can yall make it where you can turn off the auto fire on mobile and can you make it where we can change our hud

  9. Hey shark bucks it's me Bomb from our shell playerz server

  10. bro pls tell to main head to get uzi in shellshockers

  11. I have mobile and my highest streak on mobile is 25 which I’m proud of

  12. how can i make the quality higher? i’m on a 2020 iphone and it renders pretty badly

    it also caps at 30 fps

  13. This is so best please tell me how to download please fast

  14. Hi i'm your friend we played shell shockers today let,s play tomorrow
    From eystreen

  15. How do u shoot on mobile? (please reply quick no rush :p)

  16. i really like this video but i'm trying to buy a mobile bomb but i don't know the redeem code. can you pls help me.

  17. Do u know where is the redeem code on mobile?

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