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Falling | Shell Shockers Montage (Special 100 Subs)

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100 SUBS
Thank u so much
My discord: Ghost_YT#5201

Edited by: me
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if u need anything or u have a trade DM me


  1. NICE VID ( CONGRATS ON 100 SUBS!!!! )

  2. Oye e perdido mi discord tal vez si me podrías pasar midiscor q es daric#9387

  3. This falling song is becoming really popular for shell shockers montages

  4. Felicidades sigue asi y llegaras muy lejos 😃

  5. Wow muy bien echo
    muchas felicidades for 100 subs 😀

  6. Cool I sub alr a nice job brother

    Regard dino AKA muffin cat

  7. Ame este montage creo que es el mejor de todos xd!

  8. bro you aim is on top of the board bro neat!!!!

  9. Who is a real big fan of this channel?🙋‍♂️🙋


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